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iungo is an Australian technology solution helping Australian businesses take advantage of Telematics 4.0.


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A Bit About Us

Today’s world is increasingly connected. Our homes and the appliances in our homes are getting connected to the internet so that we are able to remotely control them. Governments around the world are trying to make the cities smarter to reduce congestion and make cities safer and cleaner.

But when it comes to our car, things have not changed much. We are unable to connect our cars to our homes, cities or most importantly, to our digital lives. At iungo, we are on a mission to change this. We want to start using the data from our car’s computer so that it can be analysed, shared, and consumed; so that we can fundamentally change everything that we do related our cars.

At iungo, our goal is to use this data to save you money, keep you and your loved ones’ safe and make our lives that much easier and worry free when it comes to car ownership and driving.

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