Fleet tracking made easy!

Convert Normal Cars in your fleet to Smart Cars.

  • No Capex – Subscription based monthly pricing
  • Easy to install – Plug and Play
  • Works on Cellular Connectivity
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Key Benefits


Improved Asset Management

Real time location of your vehicles. Understand vehicle faults even before they occur. Reduce fraud


Improve Driver Performance and Safety

Keep a track of drivers driving behaviour and keep them safe.


Reduce Ongoing Operating Expenses

Reduce ongoing fuel, service, maintenance and insurance costs


Improve resale value

Manage car residual value

Key Features

  • Real time Location Tracking

    • vehicle tracking in real time — either parked or moving
    • Alerts for when a vehicle enters or leaves a designated area (geofencing)
    • Monitor all trips made by vehicle or by driver
    • Reduce fraud by monitoring use
  • Engine diagnostic data

    • know health of the vehicle in real time
    • Engine fault alerts using diagnostic trouble codes (DTC)
    • Early warning engine fault alerts
    • Monitor key engine parameters such as battery level, fuel level, fuel economy and CO2 emissions
    • Track maintenance and service activity
  • Driver performance

    • Encourage good driving habits — monitor and educate about the effects of idling, speeding, hard braking and hard acceleration
    • Ensure compliance with speed limits
    • Identify driver coaching needs
    • Monitor arrival and departure times
    • Reduce fraud by ensuring control over business and personal use
  • Business expense reporting

    • Generate accurate reports for:
    • Tax reporting
    • Business log books

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