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For a more detailed look at the benefits of telematics and its relevance to small businesses we have sourced a number of white papers etc. For access, please click your areas of interest and submit your email address or mobile number.

Overview of TelematicsSafetyROI for BusinessesDetailed Checklists/Buyer's GuideOperating efficiencies/Productivity increasesFuel savings and fuel card fraud reductionSave on insurance

The On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port was designed to provide a simple way to test emissions data-reducing the environmental impact of vehicles and ensuring public accountability. From it early days in the 1990s, the OBD port did that and more. It has evolved into a critical tool. We now depend on the OBD port to save lives, control costs, protect the environment, increase efficiency, and provide objective data against which to measure published engine performance figures. A quarter-century after the OBD port’s introduction, its ecosystem has grown to provide key, innovative technologies to support fleet owners and managers, regardless of the underlying choice of vehicle

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